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Billing Policy

Our billing policy for services, which are the client’s responsibility, is as follows:

All co-pay, co-insurance, sliding fee scale, payment plan, and deductible amounts are due on the date of service. If client payments are not made on the date of service, or if arrangements for an alternate payment plan have not been made, charges will be submitted to the client credit or debit card on file with our office.
Clients will not receive a statement for services that are the responsibility of their insurance company.
Clients will receive a receipt for all paid co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance, and private payments.

Any psychological services that are not eligible for coverage through a client’s insurance plan or EAP, become the responsibility of the client. If not paid on the date of service, these charges will be submitted to the credit card on file either on the date of service, or on the date we receive notice that services have been denied. Receipts for all credit or debit card transactions will be mailed to clients along with their statement.
A late cancel fee will be submitted to the credit or debit card on file – insurance companies will NOT pay for late cancellations or missed appointments. This charge is submitted on the date of service only if clients misses an appointment without giving a 24-hour notice to cancel or do not show up to a scheduled appointment without 24-hour notice.

We require all clients to keep a credit card on file for all self pay and insurance pay client in accordance with the above billing policy.

Financial Responsibility

Most health insurance plans include behavioral health coverage, however, the exact coverage varies widely with each insurance plan. Clients are responsible for services received not covered by insurance; therefore we strongly recommend you call your insurance company to verify coverage. We are able to verify eligibility and will discuss your options at our first visit.

When you call your insurance company, ask to verify your coverage for outpatient mental health.

It is also your responsibility to keep us up-to-date with any changes in your benefit plan and / or insurance coverage.

Cancellation Policy

You must give us a 24-hour notice if you are not be able to keep an appointment. If you do not give a 24-hour notice, you will be charged $30.00 – which is not billable to insurance companies. Please call us for cancellations and reschedules as soon as possible to avoid late/cancellations fees, and out of respect to others who may need that appointment time.

Cases Involving the Legal System

Our services are not to be utilized for testimony, custody disputes, disability, or any other form of court evaluations unless otherwise contracted with your therapist. Should we be subpoenaed or mandated by the courts to testify, clients are required to pay all fees associated with the writing of case summaries and/or other reports, consultation with mental health professionals, review of other records, and any other preparation; as well as other fees incurred including travel time, meals, parking, and all other costs associated with the court time.

Therapist testimony is billed directly to the client as insurance will not cover these charges. All fees must be paid prior to the date of testimony. Court appearances are significantly more expensive due to the complexity and difficulty of being involved in such matter.


Billing CodeServiceLengthFee for Service
90791Intake 45-50 minutes$275
90832Psychotherapy 30 minutes15 – 37 minutes$100
90834 $150Psychotherapy 45 minutes 38-52 minutes$175
90837 $160Psychotherapy 60 minutes53 minutes plus$200
90846Family/Couple Therapy w/ client45-60 minutes$200
90847Family/Couple Therapy w/o client45-60$175
Billed to ClientLate Cancel/No ShowN/A$35
Other servicesas contractedas contracted.
Our insurance contracted rates are kept confidential and will be discussed with each client on a case-by-case basis.


Due to the nature of our services, refunds on services or co-pays are NOT processed. If credit card payments are stopped, we will use appropriate collection services to retrieve our fees (see below).

Counseling at Sacred Wandering, Sacred Wandering, and Kenneth J Nelan LPC reserves the right to change the policies, practices, and procedures described in this document. We will notify clients in writing of any significant changes. By using our services, clients consent to the above policy. Additionally, by using our services, clients agree that if they default on any payment obligations as called for in this agreement, Counseling at Sacred Wandering, Sacred Wandering, and Kenneth J Nelan LPC will have the right to forward any pertinent information allowed under the HIPAA regulations to a responsible collections agency.