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March 25, 2020

This past weekend, Governor Evers closed Wisconsin to all non-essential businesses and ordered all citizens to stay home unless conducting necessary tasks, such as: shopping for food, retrieving medication, attending medical (including behavioral health) appointments, or other similar tasks.  As a Mental Health provider, this means I will remain open for current and new clients for the foreseeable future.

I know only too well what this pandemic has done to everyone’s lives.  As we adjust to a new normal in communities, we will need a compassionate shoulder on which to rest our heads.  Please know Sacred Wandering is still here for you.

What Does This Mean For You?

Your safety is our first concern.  We have, therefore, implemented a new infectious disease policy for the whole of Sacred Wandering, including our behavioral health ministry.  Our offices are cleaned as often as possible, with a good virucide spraying after every client.  Please understand, we do this to ensure everyone’s continued health – especially yours.  Before our first client, we wipe down all doors and knobs with Caviwipes, which has been an ongoing part of our cleaning policy with our Reiki center.  We again wipe doors and knobs halfway through the day, and again when we leave at night.

We ask that if you have symptoms of any kind, that you please use the Client Portal or call the office to reschedule your appointment until 7 days after your last symptom.  This includes symptoms of flu, common cold, or other potential risks.  Please help us stop the spread of the cold and other viruses.


Since opening his mental health ministry, Kenn was certified in TeleMental Health Therapy.  Contrary to popular belief, Telehealth has ALWAYS been a paid option for mental health services with insurance companies, as well as cash pay clients – UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS.  Those conditions were usually dictated by the insurance companies, however, as a clinician, I have fought tirelessly for my client’s rights.  Now is no different.  At this time, most insurance companies have dropped most conditions for telemental health therapy.  For clients who are not well enough to travel, and have access to the internet either on a phone or computer (or tablet), you have the option to hold TeleMental Health appointments.  Please speak with Kenn for more information.

Please note: Zoom, Skype, and Facetime are NOT HIPAA compliant.  In the past few weeks it was reported that Zoom has severe security flaws that allow hackers to take control or monitor conversations.  Despite their offer of a BAA, we will NOT use any service that potentially compromises clients confidentiality.  We, therefore, use a telemental health service build into our Electronic Health Record.  They use a third party HIPAA compliant telehealth platform, which is outlined in our new TeleMental Health Informed Consent.

Social Distancing vs. Physical Distancing

At Sacred Wandering, we believe the term “Social Distancing” to be an irresponsible term applied to a possible solution to the Covid-19 problem.  At its core, the term is, in and of itself, a good practice – to distance ourselves from social events and social gatherings.  It’s simple enough; however, it carries with it an unintended possible additional interpretation – to remove oneself completely from any social activity or social responsibility.  We, therefore, prefer the term “Physical Distancing”, which is a more intentional and responsible term – to simply place sufficient space between yourself and another person so-as to not contract or spread viruses or germs.  It still allows for social responsibility and caring of other human beings, but in a way that is safe from physical harm.

No one knows how long this pandemic will last, nor does anyone know if it will return as have other coronaviruses.  What we do know is that we must all come together as a society to distance ourselves physically when we are not well.  This should be the case during pandemics, as well as during other times of the year when we are not feeling well.  If we have the cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, or other contagious germs and viruses, we should maintain a physical distance from our community so as to not contribute to the spread of those things.

Please, use common sense.

  1. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, handkerchief, or at the very least your arm or hand.
  2. Wash your hands after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing, or anytime you have come in contact with other germs or viruses.
  3. If you are experiencing physical symptoms that are more than your average flue or cold, please immediately contact your medical provider.
    • Do not contact our office – we are not medical professionals.  Only contact us to reschedule your appointment.
  4. Adhere to local, state, and federal guidelines to help protect our community from spreading any contagion.

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